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Con Gái Của Bóng Tối 1 – Diệt Môn Thảm Án 1
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Con Gái Của Bóng Tối 1 – Diệt Môn Thảm Án 1

Daughter of Darkness

105 Phút

Quốc gia: Hồng Kông

Đạo diễn: Kai-Ming Lai

Diễn viên: Chung Thục HuệHuỳnh Thu Sanh

Thể loại: Hài Hước, Phim 18+, Tâm Lý - Tình Cảm

3.05/ 5 15 đánh giá
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Nội dung phim

Daughter of Darkness

My big movie date is tonight! For a comic book and horror/exploitation/ cult movie nerd I really suprise myself at the level of hotties I am able to pull. Yeah, I been with some real dogs too but for the most part I been with some amazingly pretty gals! And my movie date is smokin’ hott! Yes, hott with two t’s! And she’s kind of intimidating and I know when we are at the movies people are going to look at us and shout, ” Oh man, look at that pretty girl with that ugly dude! ” And I am cool with that, I’m cool with it. But I need your psychic support to make me as charming as possible to this wonderful gal. And we we are going to see the EXPENDABLES, so wish me luck! Oh yeah, I am reviewing DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS not my lovelife.

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